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On the Design of an Apparatus for Screening Liquid Fire Suppressants.

pdf icon On the Design of an Apparatus for Screening Liquid Fire Suppressants. (397 K)
Yang, J. C.; Donnelly, M. K.; Prive, N. C.; Grosshandler, W. L.

Interscience Communications Ltd.; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Building Research Establishment; and Society of Fire Protection Engineers; Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. Interflam 1999. (Interflam '99). International Interflam Conference, 8th Proceedings. Volume 2. June 29-July 1, 1999, Edinburgh, Scotland, Interscience Communications Ltd., London, England, 1343-1348 pp, 1999.

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fire science; fire safety; fire suppression; equipment; effectiveness; halon 1301; wind tunnels; burners; droplets


This paper discusses the design and use of an apparatus for evaluating the effectiveness of liquid fire suppression agents as possible replacements for halon 1301. The apparatus consists of a porous cylindrical burner located in the test section of a vertical wind tunnel and a droplet generation system. Liquid droplets are injected into the flow stream and entrained upward toward the burner for evaluation. The suppression effectiveness is ranked based on the conditions at the transition from one mode of flame (enveloped) to the other (wake) established at the burner for a given fluid application rate. The apparatus is currently being used to test a variety of fluids.