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Development of U.S. Passenger Train Fire Safety Standards.

pdf icon Development of U.S. Passenger Train Fire Safety Standards. (968 K)
Markos, S. H.; Tsai, N. T.; Bukowski, R. W.

International Conference on Fire Safety, 28th Proceedings. July 28, 1999, Columbus, OH, 1-11 pp, 1999.


passenger trains; fire safety; safety standards; regulations; heat release rate; test methods; flammability; smoke; fire hazard analysis


A main focus of current U.S. passenger train fire safety requirements is the use of individual test methods to evaluate the flammability and smoke emission characteristics of individual materials. The use of fire hazard analyses using test methods based on heat release rate (HRR) data could provide a means to more realistically predict the actual fire performance of rail car materials and component assemblies at lower cost. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is sponsoring a major fire research program to investigate the applicability ofthis alternative approach to evaluate the fire safety of intercity and commuter rail passenger trains. The intent is to provide the necessary information to permit a more systems-oriented approach to passenger equipment fire safety regulations. This paper discusses the fire safety requirements for passenger equipment recently issued by the FM and the related research program.