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Carbon Monoxide Measurement Using a Near-Infrared Tunable Diode Laser.

pdf icon Carbon Monoxide Measurement Using a Near-Infrared Tunable Diode Laser. (262 K)
Blevins, L. G.; Pitts, W. M.; Bomse, D. S.

NISTIR 6242; October 1998.

National Institute of Standards and Technology. Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. November 2-5, 1998, Gaithersburg, MD, Beall, K. A., Editor(s), 21-22 pp, 1998.

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National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB99-102519


fire research; fire science; fire suppression; carbon monoxide; lasers; sampling; probes


One important goal of fire research is to study the formation and consumption of chemical species in and around a fire. Instruments which possess rapid temporal response are required for resolving species concentration fluctuations and for studying rapid events such fire suppression. Presently-used probe sampling methods are slow, and system temporal response is difficult to determine because it is a complex function of sampling line length, sample flow rate, and gas analyzer response time. The limitations of probe sampling provide motivation to explore new techniques for rapidly measuring species concentrations in and around fires.