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Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. November 2-5, 1998.

pdf icon Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. November 2-5, 1998. (199488 K)
Beall, K. A.

NISTIR 6242; 164 p. October 1998.

National Institute of Standards and Technology. Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. November 2-5, 1998, Gaithersburg, MD, Beall, K. A., Editor(s), 1998.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, VA 22161.
Telephone: 1-800-553-6847 or 703-605-6000;
Fax: 703-605-6900.
Order number: PB99-102519


fire research; fire science; fire safety; fire measurements; sensors; fire suppression; flame structure; pool fires; fire plumes; combustion products; compartment fires


***EACH PAPER IS TREATED LIKE A SEPARATE DOCUMENT AND MAY BE VIEWED AND/OR DOWNLOADED THAT WAY*** The NIST Annual Conference on Fire Research has long been the prime forum for presentation and discussion of the latest advances in the science of fire and the engineering of fire safety. This booklet contains the abstracts of the 74 papers and posters focussing on the phenomenology of fire: fire sensing, fire measurement, fire-safe materials, fire suppression, flame structure, pool fires, fire-induced flows, fire plumes, combustion product generation and measurement, compartment fires, and outdoor fires.

Selected Papers

New Fire Detection System Using FT-IR Spectroscopy and Artificial Neural Networks.
Chen, Y.; Sathyamoorthy, S.; Serio, M. A. Distinguishing Normal From Pre-Ignition Conditions to Prevent Cooking Fires on Kitchen Ranges.
Johnsson, E. L. Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiative Transfer in a House Including Specular and Diffuse Reflections for the Evaluation of Two Wavelength Optical Fire Detectors.
Sivathanu, Y. R.; Gore, J. P.; Zhu, Y. J. Development of Multi-Signature Fire Detection Systems.
Gottuk, D. T.; Williams, F. W. Evaluation of Fire Detection Technology for Suitability in Aircraft Cargo Compartments.
Cleary, T. G.; Grosshandler, W. L. Particulate Entry Lag in Smoke Detectors.
Cleary, T. G.; Chernovsky, A.; Grosshandler, W. L.; Anderson, M. Matching Fires and Simulations.
Barnett, J. R.; Ward, M. O.; Govindarajan, J. Temperature Uncertainties for Bare-Bead and Aspirated Thermocouple Measurements in Fire Environments.
Pitts, W. M.; Braun, E.; Peacock, R. D.; Mitler, H. E.; Johnsson, E. L.; Reneke, P. A.; Blevins, L. G. Modeling of Thermocouple Behavior in Room Fires.
Blevins, L. G. Comparison of Near and Mid-Infrared Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Combustion Gases.
Miller, J. H. Carbon Monoxide Measurement Using a Near-Infrared Tunable Diode Laser.
Blevins, L. G.; Pitts, W. M.; Bomse, D. S. Large-Scale Planar Measurements and Scaling of Sprinkler Sprays.
Everest, D. A.; Atreya, A. Drop Size Measurements in a Fire Sprinkler Using an Agricultural Testing Method.
Blevins, L. G.; Oliphant, J. C. Design and Testing of a New Smoke Concentration Meter.
Mulholland, G. W.; Johnsson, E. L.; Shear, D. A.; Fernandez, M. G. Optical Properties of Soot in the Overfire Region of Large Buoyant Turbulent Diffusion Flames.
Krishnan, S. S.; Lin, K. C.; Faeth, G. M. Mixed Layer Model for Pyrolysis of Bubbling Thermoplastic Materials.
Butler, K. M. Heat Release Kinetics.
Lyon, R. E. Molecular Level Design of Flame Retardants and Fire Resistant Materials.
Nyden, M. R. Flammability Studies of Polymer Layered Silicate (Clay) Nanocomposites.
Gilman, J. W.; Kashiwagi, T.; Nyden, M. R.; Brown, J. E.; Jackson, C. L.; Lomakin, S. M.; Giannelis, E. P.; Manias, E. Flame Retardant Nanocomposite Materials.
Giannelis, E. P. Influence of Surface Silica on the Pyrolysis of Silicones.
Buch, R. R.; Shields, J. R.; Kashiwagi, T.; Cleary, T. G.; Steckler, K. D. Intumescence and Polymer Blending: An Approach for Flame Retardancy?
Bourbigot, S.; LeBras, M.; Bugajny, M.; Dabrowski, F. Telechelic Aryl Cyanate Ester Siloxanes as Low Flammability Impact Modifiers for Cyanate Ester Resins.
Pollack, S. K.; Bullen, Y.; Fu, Z. Flammability of Cyanate Ester Resins.
Walters, R. N.; Gandhi, S.; Lyon, R. E. Cross-Linking of Polystyrene by Friedel-Crafts Chemistry Offers Enhanced Thermal Protection.
Wilkie, C. A.; McKinney, M. A. Condensed Phase Phenomena in Commodity Polymers Undergoing Degradation/Gasification.
Steckler, K. D.; Ohlemiller, T. J.; Kashiwagi, T. Near-Surface Vapor Bubble Layers in Low Stretch Burning of PMMA.
Olson, S. L.; Tien, J. S. Diode Laser Measurements of HF Concentrations From Heptane/Air Pan Fires Extinguished by FE-36 and FE-36 Plus Ammonium Polyphosphate.
Daniel, R. G.; Skaggs, R. R.; Miziolek, A. W.; McNesby, K. L.; Herud, C.; Bolt, W. R.; Horton, D. Extinction of Hydrofluorocarbon Flames With F/H Ratios of Unity and Greater.
Grosshandler, W. L.; Donnelly, M. K.; Womeldorf, C. A. Comparison of the Behavior of Foams and Gels Exposed to Fire.
Tafreshi, A. M.; diMarzo, M. Measurements of Heat Release Rate and Vorticity Distributions in a Buoyant Diffusion Flame for the Calculation of Fire Induced Flows.
Gore, J. P.; Zhou, X. C. Detection in Difficult Environments.
Conforti, F. Fewer Unwanted Alarms: Technology and Education Are Helping to Reduce the Occurrence of Unwanted Fire Alarms.
Conforti, F. Three Dimensional Radiative Ignition and Flame Spread Over Thin Cellulose Fuels.
Olson, S. L.; Kashiwagi, T. Numerical Modeling of Methanol Liquid Pool Fires for Fire Suppression.
Prasad, K. R.; Li, C.; Kailasanath, K.; Ndubizu, C. C.; Ananth, R.; Tatem, P. A. Effects of Freeboard and Lip Thickness on the Properties of Flames Burning in Open Metal Containers.
Robin, M. L. Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection System Evaluation Full Scale Fire Test Report.
Back, G. G.; Parker, A. J.; Scheffey, J. L.; Williams, F. W.; Gott, J. E.; Tabet, R. J. Toxic Gas Analysis and Fire Detection in the Crew Compartment of Ground Combat Vehicles.
McFassel, J. F.; Davis, W. R. Smoke Detection by Ultrasound.
Churches, D. K.; da-Silva, E.; Holifield, D. Experiments on Buoyant Diffusion Flame Dynamics Under Conditions Simulating Partial Gravity.
Dong, Y.; Cetegen, B. M. Numerical Study of the Near-Field Unsteady Dynamics of Planar Plumes.
Soteriou, M. C.; Dong, Y.; Cetegen, B. M. Discrete-Source Approximation of Radiative Transport in Fire Plumes.
Lakkis, I.; Ghoniem, A. F. In-Situ Burning of Water-in-Oil Emulsions: Model Results and Comparison With Data.
Walavalkar, A.; Kulkarni, A. K. Simulation of Large Industrial Outdoor Fires.
Baum, H. R.; McGrattan, K. B. Brand Propagation of Post-Earthquake Fires.
Woycheese, J. P.; Pagni, P. J. Crude Oil Full Scale Pool Fire Experiment in Tomakomai in 1998.
Takahashi, T.; Koseki, H.; Iwata, Y. Radiation Characteristics and Flame Temperature of Large Scale Crude Oil Pool Fires.
Iwata, Y.; Koseki, H.; Takahashi, T. Smoke Plume Trajectory From In-Situ Burning of Crude Oil
Yamada, T. Fire Whirl Simulations.
Battaglia, F.; McGrattan, K. B.; Rehm, R. G.; Baum, H. R. Thermal Sensors for Evaluating Firefighter Protective Clothing.
Hamouda, H.; Barker, R. L.; Johnson, J. W.; Bender, M. Center for the Simulation of Accidental Fires and
Pershing, D. W.; Smith, P. J. Species Formation Using Liquid n-hexane Fires in a Scaled ISO Compartment.
Wieczorek, C. J.; McKay, C.; Vandsburger, U.; Lattimer, B. Y. Mitigation of Compartment Jet Fire Using Water Spray.
Alageel, K.; Ewan, B. C. R.; Swithenbank, J. Integrated Modeling of Water Mist Penetration Through Obstructions.
Yao, S. C.; Hung, L. S. Water Mist Suppression of Small Methanol Pool Flame.
Ndubizu, C. C.; Ananth, R.; Tatem, P. A. Water Mist Suppression of Fires in Underground Diesel Fuel Storage Areas.
Smith, A. C.; Lazzara, C. P. Dispersed Liquid Agent Fire Suppression Screening Method.
Yang, J. C.; Donnelly, M. K.; Prive, N. C.; Grosshandler, W. L. Transient Agent, Recirculating Pool Fire (TARPF) Suppression Screen.
Grosshandler, W. L.; Hamins, A.; McGrattan, K. B.; Presser, C. Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Flame Extinction by Sodium Bicarbonate Particles.
Chelliah, H. K.; Krauss, R. H.; Lentati, A. M.; Zhou, H. Particle Measurements in Fe(CO)5-Inhibited Flames.
Rumminger, M. D.; Linteris, G. T. Computed Flammability Limits of Opposed-Jet H2/O2/CO2 Diffusion Flame at Low Pressure.
Bedir, H.; Shih, H. Y.; Tien, J. S. Intermediate Species Profiles in Low Pressure
Williams, B. A.; L'Esperance, D. M.; Fleming, J. W. Inhibition of Silane Ignition by Iodine Containing Additives.
Babushok, V. I.; Tsang, W. Clean Agent Performance on Fires Exposed to an External Energy Source.
Steckler, K. D.; Grosshandler, W. L.; Smith, D.; Rivers, P. Flammable Liquid Storeroom 1: Halon Alternatives Technology Testing Results.
Maranghides, A.; Sheinson, R. S.; Cooke, J., III Flammable Liquid Storerooms: Halon 1301 Replacement Program.
Maranghides, A.; Sheinson, R. S.; Wentworth, B. Fire Tests of a Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System for Marine Application.
Nam, S.; Hansen, R. L. Comparison of Measured Data With CFAST Predictions for the HDR T51 Wood Crib Test Series.
Floyd, J. E.; Wolf, L. Establishment of Cone Calorimeter Acceptance Criteria for Evaluation of Fire Restricting Materials for High Speed Craft.
Janssens, M. L.; Grenier, A.; Nash, L. Wall and Ceiling Heat Flux Measurements in a Room-Corner Test.
Dillon, S. E.; Quintiere, J. G.; Messa, S.; Rosa, D. Discussions of a Model and Correlation for the ISO 9705 Room-Corner Test.
Dillon, S. E.; Quintiere, J. G.; Kim, W. H. Structure of Self-Preserving Turbulent Adiabatic Wall Plumes.
Sangras, R.; Dai, Z.; Faeth, G. M. Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Buoyant Flows.
Tieszen, S. R.; O'Hern, T. J.; Schefer, R. W.; Weckman, E. J. Radiative Heat Transfer in Fire Modeling.
Keramida, E. P.; Karayannis, A. N.; Boudouvis, A. G.; Markatos, N. C. Using Bench Scale Fire Measurements in Large Scale Simulations.
McGrattan, K. B.; Hamins, A.; Blevins, L. G. Reliability of Structural Fire Protection.
Ramachandran, G.