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Preservation and Restoration of Library Collections From Fire.

pdf icon Preservation and Restoration of Library Collections From Fire. (635 K)
Jason, N. H.

Paper 19;

Fire Information for the 21st Century. inFIRE (international network for Fire Information and Reference Exchange. Conference Proceedings. May 4-8, 1998, Melbourne, Australia, 19/1-7 pp, 1998.


information dissemination; libraries; egress; evacuation; fire statistics; fire suppression; halon 1301; salvage; sprinklers


One of the roles of library managers is to preserve and protect the library's collection from natural and unnatural disasters. Statistics are presented to illustrate recent library fires in the United States, followed by a description of early fire tests for libraries which provided library managers with a knowledge base for fire protection decisions for their collections. A discussion of fire protection for collections housed in compact mobile shelving is included as well as protecting rare book collections. The final discussion addresses creating evacuation and salvage plans.