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Fire Exposure Protection.

pdf icon Fire Exposure Protection. (2287 K)
Josler, W. J.

NISTIR 6191; Chapter 3; July 1998.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB98-146293


exposure; experiments; water; instruments; moisture content; wood; flow rate; expansion; ignition


Controlling the fire is second in priority only to search and rescue for fire departments first arriving on the scene. Exposure protection is an important defensive tactic used to limit fires to the property of origin. The main objective is preventing a large-loss fire in the community. To provide exposure protection, fire department personnel may apply water, solution, or foam to the exterior of buildings at risk of becoming involved through radiation. Regardless of the agent being applied however, its effectiveness depends upon two characteristics. The first is its ability to stay on, or in, the material to which it is applied, and the second is how long it prevents or delays ignition.