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Smoke Characterization.

pdf icon Smoke Characterization. (2949 K)
Bryner, N. P.

NISTIR 6191; Chapter 4; July 1998.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB98-146293


smoke; crib fires; fire suppression; furniture calorimeters; crib burning; chemical properties; extinguishment; physical properties


The impact of fire suppression agentson the quanity and composition of smoke generated furing extinguishment has been investigated in two series of crib fires. Both series examined the physical and chemical properties of smoke from crib fires before, during and after extinguishment. Fire fighters have observed that a cloud of very bright "white smoke" is often generated as they extinguish a fire using a fire suppression agent. This "white smoke" is not usually observed when they use water to extinguish fires. Questions have arisen concerning what causes the generation of "white smoke" and whether or not it represents a significant new hazard for fire fighters.