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Fire Detection for Critical Telecommunications Equipment.

pdf icon Fire Detection for Critical Telecommunications Equipment. (883 K)
Marts, R.; Hanley, M.; Betz, J.; Parssinen, J.; Bukowski, R. W.; Braun, E.

NISTIR 6146; 34 p. March 1998.

Nuisance Alarms in Aircraft Cargo Areas and Critical Telecommunications Systems: Third (3rd) NIST Fire Detector Workshop. Proceedings. National Institute of Standards and Technology. December 4-5, 1997, Gaithersburg, MD, Grosshandler, W. L., Editor(s), 2-9 pp, 1998.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB98-144538


fire detection; fire detection systems; cargo space; telecommunications; smoke detectors; false alarms; decision making; commercial aircraft; air sampling


A telecommunications industry perspective of fire detection was given by Ron Marts ofBellcore. Miles Hanley of Bell Atlantic presented his company's fire detection strategy and its relation to the reduction of false alarms. Jeffrey Betz described the fire safety practices ofAT&T. John Parssinen of Underwriters Laboratories presented an overview of different fire detectors and described UL's role in certifying detection systems for industrial applications. The discussion sessions were led by Richard Bukowski and Emil Braun, both of NIST. This section of the report is a compilation of their comments and the discussions that ensured.