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Aircraft Cargo Area Fire Detection.

pdf icon Aircraft Cargo Area Fire Detection. (655 K)
Blake, D.; O'Sullivan, J.; Hammann, S.; Kolleck, M.; Cleary, T. G.

NISTIR 6146; 34 p. March 1998.

Nuisance Alarms in Aircraft Cargo Areas and Critical Telecommunications Systems: Third (3rd) NIST Fire Detector Workshop. Proceedings. National Institute of Standards and Technology. December 4-5, 1997, Gaithersburg, MD, Grosshandler, W. L., Editor(s), 9-13 pp, 1998.

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fire detection; fire detection systems; cargo space; telecommunications; smoke detectors; false alarms; decision making; commercial aircraft


Overviews of fire deteciton in aircraft cargo areas were presented by David Blake of the Federal Aviation Administration, John O'Sullivan of British Airways, Scott Hammann of Boeing Company, and Matt Koleck ofBooz-Allen & Hamilton. The breakout discussion sessions were headed by Thomas Cleary of NIST and Davis Blake of the FAA. The following sections are a synthesis of their comments.