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Using Performance-Based Design Techniques to Evaluate Fire Safety in Two Government Buildings.

pdf icon Using Performance-Based Design Techniques to Evaluate Fire Safety in Two Government Buildings. (999 K)
Stroup, D. W.

Pacific Rim Conference and Second (2nd) International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods. Proceedings. International Code Council and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). May 3-9, 1998, Maui, HI, International Code Council, Birmingham, AL, 429-439 pp, 1998.


performance based codes; fire safety; building codes; building fires; fire models; fire protection engineering; high rise buildings; life safety; performance evaluation; government buildings; risk management; egress; sprinklers; sprinkler activation


The General Services Administration (GSA) is the business agent for the United States Government. It is responsible for the acquisition and management of everything from pencils to buildings. Within GSA, the Public Buildings Service (PBS) operates as the federal government's real property manager. In this capacity, PBS is responsible for the acquisition, design, construction, and operation and management of various types of space for federal agencies. Currently, the inventory of space includes 1700 Government owned buildings and 5100 leased locations representing approximately 28 million square meters of space. A number of historic buildings are included in the multitude of buildings controlled by GSA. GSA real estate leasing policy gives preferential treatment to historic buildings. A recent survey of buildings indicated that the oldest building in the inventory was 180 years old. GSA is responsible for ensuring the fire and life safety of the employees and visitors occupying the space under its control. In addition, GSA must protect federal real and personal property assets, assure continuity in the mission of occupant agencies, and provide safeguards for emergency forces if an incident occurs. Within PBS, the Office of Property Management develops the methodologies and procedures used for evaluating the safety of government occupied buildings and coordinating implementation by the GSA regional offices throughout the nation.