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Large Eddy Simulations of Smoke Movement.

pdf icon Large Eddy Simulations of Smoke Movement. (1176 K)
McGrattan, K. B.; Baum, H. R.; Rehm, R. G.

Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 30, No. 2, 161-178, March 1998.


smoke movement; field models; fire plumes; simulation


An approach to field modelling of fire phenomena in enclosures is presented. The conservation equations of mass, momentun and energy are calculated with sufficient temporal and spatial resolution to yield a truly three-dimensional, dynamic picture of the fire plume and its surroundings. The large scale eddies are simulated directly and sub-grid scale motion is represented by a constant eddy viscosity. Efficient flow solving techniques make it possible to simulate fire scenarios using computational grids in excess of a million cells on modern workstations. Several examples of the methodology are presented.