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What Does It Take to Make Good Things Happen? Summary of Remarks.

pdf icon What Does It Take to Make Good Things Happen? Summary of Remarks. (73 K)
Snell, J. E.

Fire Risk and Hazard Assessment Research Application Symposium. Research and Practice: Bridging the Gap. Proceedings. National Fire Protection Research Foundation. June 25-27, 1997, San Francisco, CA, 1-5 pp, 1997.


fire hazards assessment; fire risk; hazard assessment; fire protection; fire research


Here we--an assembly of fire researchers and users of fire research--are all fresh and ready to go and the keynote speaker raises the question, "what does it take to make good things happen?" The program is full of interesting papers, many of which report new work, why then this question? that is not the issue, the issue is not for us to appreciate what we have done and are currently doing. The "good thing" I would like to see happen is sufficient support for fire research and whatever else is necessary to achieve cost-effective fire safety, and do so within the next decade. My concern is with getting the communities we serve to better understand the value to them of what we do. what I wish to focus upon is what can we do to help make this "good thing" happen.