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Fire Hazard Analysis.

pdf icon Fire Hazard Analysis. (1067 K)
Bukowski, R. W.

NPFA FPH 1897; Section 11; Chapter 7;

Fire Protection Handbook, 18th Edition. National Fire Protection Association. 1997, NFPA, Quincy, MA, Cote, A. E.; Linville, J. L.; Appy, M. K.; Benedetti, R. P., Editor(s)(s), 11/70-77 pp, 1997.


fire protection; fire hazard; hazard analysis


Historically, most fire safety regulation has been on the basis of fire hazard analysis, where such assessments were based on the judgment of experts. Today formal, scientifically based fire hazard analysis (FHA) is common and increasingly being required as a means to avert certain outcomes, regardless of their likelihood. This chapter will discuss the differences between hazard and risk analysis, the process of performing an FHA, and resources available to assist in this process.