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Investigation of Conduction Effects on Sprinkler Activation.

pdf icon Investigation of Conduction Effects on Sprinkler Activation. (84 K)
Mack, E. C.; Madrzykowski, D.

Fire Research and Engineering, Second (2nd) International Conference. (ICFRE2). Proceedings. ABSTRACTS ONLY. National Institute of Standards and Technology and Society of Fire Protection Engineers. August 10-15, 1997, Gaithersburg, MD, Slaughter, K. C., Editor(s), 65-65 pp, 1997.


fire research; fire protection engineering; sprinklers; conduction; sensitivity; automatic sprinkler systems; thermal sensitivity; sprinkler activation


[ABSTRACT ONLY] As part of a collaborative research project between the National Fire Protection Research Foundation and the Building and Fire Research Laboratory at NIST, the thermal response characteristics of a variety of large orifice and extra large orifice sprinklers were investigated. In addition to conducting the thermal sensitivity tests as outlined in UL 199, Automatic Sprinklers for Fire-Protection Service, the conductivity tests outlined in ISO 6182-1, Fire Protection - Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Part 1: Requirements and Test Methods for sprinklers, were also conducted.