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Advanced Fire Detection.

pdf icon Advanced Fire Detection. (127 K)
Braun, E.

Fire Research and Engineering, Second (2nd) International Conference. (ICFRE2). Proceedings. ABSTRACTS ONLY. National Institute of Standards and Technology and Society of Fire Protection Engineers. August 10-15, 1997, Gaithersburg, MD, Slaughter, K. C., Editor(s), 89-89 pp, 1997.


fire research; fire protection engineering; fire detection; test methods; fire detectors; sensors; false alarms


[ABSTRACT ONLY] Current test protocols and certification processes have been developed to accommodate specific detection sensor technologies. Test methods exist to evaluate specific classes of sensors, e.g., ionization, optical, temperature, or CO, etc. In the past, the fire or smoke sources used in these test methods were optimized for a unique fire or smoke property to quantify detector response. To improve detection sensitivity and reduce false alarm rates, industry has developed new sensors. Some designs are based on the measurement of different aspects of the fire source than those traditionally evaluated by current test methods. Other designs are based on specific combinations of sensors that can help in distinguishing a real fire source from a false reading. Existing test methods may not be able to evaluate and quantify the performance of new sensing methods or multi-detector systems.