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Impact of Fire Fighting Agents on Drop Size.

pdf icon Impact of Fire Fighting Agents on Drop Size. (137 K)
Bishop, M. J.; Stroup, D. W.

Fire Research and Engineering, Second (2nd) International Conference. (ICFRE2). Proceedings. ABSTRACTS ONLY. National Institute of Standards and Technology and Society of Fire Protection Engineers. August 10-15, 1997, Gaithersburg, MD, Slaughter, K. C., Editor(s), 63-63 pp, 1997.


fire research; fire protection engineering; fire extinguishing agents; fire fighting; drop sizes; water; additives


[ABSTRACT ONLY] As part of a study funded by the United States Fire Administration, the National Institute of Standards and Technology investigated the effectiveness of water additives for use in fighting fire. These additives, or surfactants, are of great interest due to numerous claims regarding their capabilities and benefits including decreased water requirements for extinguishment, reduced levels of toxins produced by fires, and prevented rekindling of fires. One of the properties of water which the surfactants affect is surface tension. The addition of a surfactant reduces the surface tension of water. This potentially enables the solution to break into smaller droplets resulting in more surface area being exposed to the fire.