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Input Data for Fire Modeling.

pdf icon Input Data for Fire Modeling. (1005 K)
Mitler, H. E.

NISTIR 6030; June 1997.

U.S./Japan Government Cooperative Program on Natural Resources (UJNR). Fire Research and Safety. 13th Joint Panel Meeting. Volume 1. March 13-20, 1996, Gaithersburg, MD, Beall, K. A., Editor(s), 187-199 pp, 1997.

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National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB97-184204


fire safety; fire research; fire models; ignition; flashover; radiation heat flux


Reliable burn data are needed as inputs for fire models, for use as well as for model validation. To this end, a set of five merchandise kiosks have been burned, and the results carefully analyzed. A number of conclusions emerge, many of them of a cautionary nature. Perhaps the most important ones are that (a) The results of apparently identical fires can differ substantially; it follows that a number of runs must be made to get statistically significant results. (b) The "raw" data must be analyzed and rationalized. (c) The time delay for the O2 analyzer is variable, not constant. Suggestions are made for future work.