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Firefighter Protective Clothing.

pdf icon Firefighter Protective Clothing. (1077 K)
Braun, E.

NIST SP 911; February 1997.

Firefighter Thermal Exposure Workshop: Protective Clothing, Tactics, and Fire Service PPE Training Procedures. Proceedings. National Institute of Standards and Technology. June 25-26, 1996, Gaithersburg, MD, Lawson, J. R.; Jason, N. H., Editor(s)(s), 24-25 pp, 1997.
Order number: PB97-153712


fire fighters; protective clothing; burns (injuries); fire departments; heat release rate; temperature effects; training; conferences


Modern protective clothing (turnout gear) worn by firefighters during the course of attacking a building fire is intended to encapsulate the individual and provide protection from the thermal environment - thermal radiation, hot gas (convective heat transfer) and contact with hot surfaces (conductive heat transfer). The current turnout gear design is based on years of field experience and some research, carried out most actively during the past 25 years. While the primary consideration has been thermal protection, other issues relating to comfort and physical stress also have been evaluated in garment design.