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Fire Performance of High-Performance Construction Materials.

pdf icon Fire Performance of High-Performance Construction Materials. (88 K)
Cooper, L. Y.; Dexter, R. J.; Gilvary, K. R.; Franssen, J. M.

Poster Abstracts;

International Association for Fire Safety Science. Fire Safety Science. Proceedings. Fifth (5th) International Symposium. March 3-7, 1997, Melbourne, Australia, Intl. Assoc. for Fire Safety Science, Boston, MA, Hasemi, Y., Editor(s), 1347-1347 pp, 1997.


fire research; fire safety; fire science; construction materials; ASTM E119; fire resistance; fire models; standards; structures


To assure public safety and to allow for flexibility in the use of modern high performance (HP) construction materials it is desirable to enhance current fire performance standards related to the construction industry. Also, in determining the integrity of a particular structural component design, and even in the design process itself, it will be increasingly more important for designers and building code officials to use modern methods of engineering analysis for predicting the fire performance of construction materials and systems and for minimizing the need for costly and burdensome furnace testing procedures. In this regard, acceptable and reliable methods and standards will be developed, advanced, and implemented.