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Deterministic Computer Fire Models.

pdf icon Deterministic Computer Fire Models. (1382 K)
Walton, W. D.; Budnick, E. K.

NPFA FPH 1897; Section 11; Chapter 5;

Fire Protection Handbook, 18th Edition. National Fire Protection Association. 1997, NFPA, Quincy, MA, Cote, A. E.; Linville, J. L.; Appy, M. K.; Benedetti, R. P., Editor(s)(s), 11/52-61 pp, 1997.


fire protection; fire models; computer models; computer programs; hazard analysis; automatic sprinkler systems


Computer models are simply computer programs that model or simulate a process or phenomena. Computer models have been used for some time in the design and analysis of fire protection hardware. The use of computer models, commonly known as design programs, has become the industry's standard method for designing water supply and automatic sprinkler systems. These programs perform large numbers of tedious and lenghty calculations and provide the user with accurate, cost-optimized designs in a fraction of the time required for manual procedures.