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Physical Modeling of Intumescent Fire Retardant Polymers.

pdf icon Physical Modeling of Intumescent Fire Retardant Polymers. (1128 K)
Butler, K. M.

Polymeric Foams: Science and Technology. Proceedings. American Chemical Society. ACS Symposium Series 669. Chapter 15. 1997, Khemani, K. C., American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 214-230 pp, 1997.


fire retardants; intumescence; intumescent coatings; fire resistant materials; foam barriers; numerical analysis


Intumescent chemical systems are designed to swell into a thick, robust foam upon exposure to heat, protecting the underlying material from fire by providing a physical barrier to heat and mass transfer. The mechanisms determining the fire-resistant properties of these materials are not well understood. Various approaches to modeling intumescent behavior are reviewed. A three-dimensional model that incorporates physical and chemical phenomena at the scale of a single bubble is described.