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Simplified Fire Growth Calculations.

pdf icon Simplified Fire Growth Calculations. (1087 K)
Budnick, E. K.; Evans, D. D.; Nelson, H. E.

NPFA FPH 1897; Section 11; Chapter 10;

Fire Protection Handbook, 18th Edition. National Fire Protection Association. 1997, NFPA, Quincy, MA, Cote, A. E.; Linville, J. L.; Appy, M. K.; Benedetti, R. P., Editor(s), 11/97-107 p., 1997.


fire protection; fire growth; energy release rate


As part of a fire protection analysis, it is often desirable to estimate the burning characteristics of selected fuels and their effects in enclosures. Also important for many analyses is the estimation of when fire protection devices such as heat detectors or automatic sprinklers will activate for specific fire conditions. Equations are available, based principally on experimental correlations, which permit the user to estimate these effects. In this chapter, a brief introduction to enclosure fire effects is presented, along with equations that can be evaluated using hand calculators to rpovide estimates of particular effects.