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Smoke Plume Trajectory Over Two-Dimensional Terrain.

pdf icon Smoke Plume Trajectory Over Two-Dimensional Terrain. (389 K)
McGrattan, K. B.; Trelles, J. J.; Baum, H. R.; Rehm, R. G.

NISTIR 5904; NIST SP 995; Volume 2; October 1996.

National Institute of Standards and Technology. Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. October 28-31, 1996, Gaithersburg, MD, 65-66 pp, 1996.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB97-153514


fire research; fire science; smoke plumes; crude oil; water; in situ combustion; oil spills


Under the sponsorship of the U.S. Minerals Management Service and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has conducted a series of large outdoor burns of crude oil on water to assess the feasibility of using in situ burning as an oil spill remediation tool. In conjunction with these experiments, a numerical (ALOFT - A Large Outdoor Fire plume Trajectory) model has been developed to predict the downwind concentration of smoke particulate and other combustion products. The numerical model has been carefully compared with results from field experiments, and the results are very favorable.