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Hazard II: Implementation for Fire Safety Engineering.

pdf icon Hazard II: Implementation for Fire Safety Engineering. (470 K)
Bukowski, R. W.

Fire Safety Design of Buildings and Fire Safety Engineering. Conference Compendium. Proceedings. Session 3: Fire Safety Engineering Tools. August 19-20, 1996, Oslo, Norway, 1-7 pp, 1996.


fire safety; building codes; safety engineering; fire research; egress; evacuation time; fire growth; fire hazards; hazard assessment; fire models; smoke filling; performance based codes


Much of the world is engaged in the transition from prescriptive codes to performance-based codes for the regulation of safety in the built environment. The motivation for these changes is the concept that sensible regulations lead to improved flexibility of design and lower costs for no reduction in safety. In such a construction climate it is easier to attract international business development with its attendant jobs and growth of the tax base, especially in these times of the global marketplace. This paper presents a vision of the futuer development of HAZARD I and its primary components in the context of its application to fire safety engineering analysis supporting performance-based codes.