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Presentation of Forum for International Cooperation on Fire Research.

pdf icon Presentation of Forum for International Cooperation on Fire Research. (68 K)
Snell, J. E.

Fire Safety Design of Buildings and Fire Safety Engineering. Conference Compendium. Proceedings. Session 1: Fire Safety Building Codes. August 19-20, 1996, Oslo, Norway, 1-1 pp, 1996.


fire safety; building codes; safety engineering; fire research; research facilities


The Forum for International Cooperation on Fire Research, FORUM, is an informal group of heads of fire research organizations throughout the world. Its aim is to reduce the burden of fire through international cooperation. Towards this end, the FORUM has four general objectives: promote fire research, facilitate technology transfer, optimize the use of scarce resources for fire research, and advance fire safety engineering. Particularly relevant to this symposium is the last of these objectives, advance fire safety engineering. Doing this requires a scientifically-based knowledge of fire; recognized calculational tools and reliable data; and recognized professional status for the discipline of FSE with appropriate education and training of its practitioners. The organizations which we head provide the technical basis for much of this through our research, and we provide support and encouragement for the rest through participation in international technical and standardization organizations, and international conference and symposia such as this one.