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Future Needs for Fire Safety Knowledge and Tools.

pdf icon Future Needs for Fire Safety Knowledge and Tools. (32 K)
Snell, J. E.

Fire Safety Design of Buildings and Fire Safety Engineering. Conference Compendium. Proceedings. Session 4: Fire Safety Analyses. August 19-20, 1996, Oslo, Norway, 1-1 pp, 1996.


fire safety; building codes; safety engineering; fire research


Most of the papers presented in this symposium address advances in the development of performance-based fire safety building codes and some of the tools upon which they rest. This presentation will revert to the somewhat broader perspective on the scope of fire safety engineering presented earlier and focus on needs and critical gaps as a basis for setting priorities for international fire research. It builds on recent work of the FORUM and the author's own laboratory. Items on this list should be the things for which we seek common sources and mechanisms of support via approaches such as that outlined by Richardson, so that the promise and fruits of FSE fall within our collective reach. Advances in other fields of science and technology are fueling important innovations in fire research. Some examples will be discussed.