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Concepts of a Performance-Based System for the United States.

pdf icon Concepts of a Performance-Based System for the United States. (488 K)
Meacham, B. J.

Paper 14;

Institut de Securite. Fire Safety Conference on Performance Based Concepts. Proceedings. October 15-17, 1996, Zurich, Switzerland, 14/1-9 pp, 1996.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD


fire safety; fire codes; building codes; standards; regulations; evaluation


A number of countries around the world are using or developing performance-based regulations. To provide a forum for discussion on the transition to a performance-based regulatory system in the United States, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers convened a focus group of representatives from the United States' building and fire communities. A conceptual model, terminology and definitions were distributed to the focus group participants as the basis for discussion, and a two-day meeting was convened to facilitate discussion and gain consensus on the future direction for the United States. The conceptual model and the focus group consensus are presented.