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Rapid Discharge of a Fire Suppressing Agent.

pdf icon Rapid Discharge of a Fire Suppressing Agent. (327 K)
Yang, J. C.; Pitts, W. M.; Breuel, B. D.; Grosshandler, W. L.; Cleveland, W. G.

International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 23, No. 6, 835-844, 1996.


discharge rate; halon alternatives; mathematical models; pressure vessels; high speed photography


This paper describes an experimental method to study the rapid discharge of a fire suppressant (C3F8) from a pressurized vessel. Experimental observations inside and at the exit of the vessel were made using high-speed photography. Boiling was not observed inside the vessel during discharges. A simple mathematical model was developed to predict the liquid depletion level and is compared to the experimental measurements.