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Compatibility of Halon Alternatives During Storage.

pdf icon Compatibility of Halon Alternatives During Storage. (1494 K)
Gann, R. G.; Beauchamp, C. R.; Cleary, T. G.; Fink, J. L.; Harris, R. H., Jr.; Horkay, F.; McKenna, G. B.; Moffat, T. P.; Nyden, M. R.; Peacock, R. D.; Ricker, R. E.; Stoudt, M. R.; Waldron, W. K., Jr.

American Chemical Society. Halon Replacements: Technology and Science. National Meeting, 208th. Proceedings. ACS Symposium Series 611. Chapter 12. August 21-25, 1994, Washington, DC, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, Miziolek, A. W.; Tsang, W., Editor(s)(s), 122-138 pp, 1995.


halon alternatives; storage; elastomers; thermal stability; metals; corrosion; lubricants; exposure; weight loss; swelling; compatibility