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Volume Rendering of Pool Fire Data.

pdf icon Volume Rendering of Pool Fire Data. (689 K)
Rushmeier, H.; Hamins, A.; Choi, M. Y.

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 15, No. 4, 62-66, July 1995.


pool fires; volume; irradiation; computation


In a pool fire, an ignited puddle or pool of liquid fuel burns in the atmosphere. Understanding pool fires is important to devising methods to control the hazards resulting from spilled fuels. In this case study we consider techniques for visualizing the data measured in pool fires and for computing the radiative transfer from pool fires. Combustion challenges the development of appropriate visualization techniques. Fires are turbulent, non-steady, and multi-wavelength in emission. Moreover, fire data belongs to a class of visualization problems for which it is important to consider the radiative simulation used to generate visualizations.