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Use of Calorimetry for Fire Materials Research.

pdf icon Use of Calorimetry for Fire Materials Research. (187 K)
Kashiwagi, T.

DOT/FAA/CT-95/46; AAR-423;

National Institute of Standards and Technology. Fire Calorimetry. Proceedings. July 27-28, 1995, Gaithersburg, MD, Hirschler, M. M.; Lyon, R. E., Editor(s)(s), 48-49 pp, 1995.


calorimetry; flammability; heat release rate; calorimeters; heat of combustion


Research to improve the fire performance of materials requires tools to measure the flammability properties and validated fire growth models to predict fire behavior of the materials in specific fire scenarios using the measured properties as inputs to the models. One of the key flammability properties is heat release rate during free-burning or radiatively-assisted burning. Since the available amount of a new experimental material is generally quite limited, a small scale calorimeter, using a small amount of a sample, is used in fire research. The current available, small scale calorimeters such as the Cone Calorimeter are capable of measuring not only time-dependent heat release rate but also many other flammability properties. Using such a device, this presentation will describe unique trends of heat release rate, specific heat of combustion, and others flammability properties of polymeric materials as they vary with the nature of the materials.