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On the Heights of Wall-Fire Flames.

pdf icon On the Heights of Wall-Fire Flames. (402 K)
Mitler, H. E.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). International Conference on Fire Research and Engineering (ICFRE). Proceedings. September 10-15, 1995, Orlando, FL, SFPE, Boston, MA, Lund, D. P.; Angell, E. A., Editor(s)(s), 166-171 pp, 1995.


fire research; wall fires; flame height; line fire; pyrolysis; walls; equations


A correlation between the visible height of a flame and the power output of the flame is useful for a number of reasons. Thus, observations of a fire can permit one to estimate the rate of heat release and therefore the fuel flow rate. Again, an expression for the flame height is needed in order to calculate the upward flame spread rate on walls. It is therefore important that such an expression be reliable. The heights of flames from line burners adjacent to walls have been correlated by a number of workers.