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Information Resources for the Fire Community.

pdf icon Information Resources for the Fire Community. (46 K)
Jason, N. H.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). International Conference on Fire Research and Engineering (ICFRE). Proceedings. September 10-15, 1995, Orlando, FL, SFPE, Boston, MA, Lund, D. P.; Angell, E. A., Editor(s)(s), 469-474 pp, 1995.


fire research; information retrieval; fire protection engineering; databases


As information technology expands, information has become more readily available but the sources of this information have become more diverse. Within the field of fire research and engineering, it has become more challenging to find critical information because traditional sources of information have been augmented by a variety of electronic sources. While looking for specific information used to be a question of brute force, i.e., check the library card catalog, with the explosion in computer communication, information retrieval has become an art form. Where does one look for information? While there are no "best" resources, the fire scientist or engineer must develop a familiarity with a wide range of old and new methods for acquiring information as well as staying abreast of latest developments. Success in the new world order of information science will go to the well informed user. An overview of print and electronic resources are described in this paper that can provide a starting point for any information request.