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Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems.

pdf icon Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems. (571 K)
Notarianni, K. A.

Society of Fire Protection Engineers and PLC Education Foundation. Technical Symposium on Halon Alternatives, Proceedings. June 27-28, 1994, Knoxville, TN, 57-64 pp, 1994.


fire suppression; water fog; water mist; water sprays; fire research; droplets; drop sizes; fire extinguishment; sprinklers; commercial aircraft; halons


The imminent lack of availability of halon fire suppressants has sparked worldwide efforts in developing alternative fire fighting agents and delivery systems. Water mist fire suppression systems are potential replacements in many industrial applications as well as in new markets such as commercial passenger aircraft. Interest in water mist technology has heightened over the past two years. There are several manufacturers with developed products on the market, and more entering the market. Two major conferences were held in 1993 on the topic, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has formed a committee to write an installation standard for water mist systems. The NFPA 750 Committee "Standard for the Installation of Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems," has formed a task group to summarize the data on water mist fire suppression. An international literature search was conducted, and based on the results of the search and input from the main committee, eight topic areas were identified. Each member of the task group assumed responsibility for compiling an executive summary in one topic area. Each summary contains a description of the hazard, a review of the scenarios tested in the literature, a synopsis of what is known and what further research should be conducted in that topic area, as well as an annotated bibliography of key references. This paper presents an overview of the various types of water mist systems and an introduction to the work of the NFPA task group.