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Upward Flame Spread on Composite Materials.

pdf icon Upward Flame Spread on Composite Materials. (179 K)
Ohlemiller, T. J.; Cleary, T. G.

International Community for Composites Engineering (ICCE). Proceedings of International Conference on Composites Engineering. ICCE/1. August 28-31, 1994, New Orleans, LA, Hui, D., Editor(s), 375-376 pp, 1994.


composite materials; flame spread; compartments


The composite materials of interest in this work contain several piles of long, high strength fibers, typically woven in some fixed pattern; the layered multi-ply structure is embedded with an organic polymer resin. Such composites offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and other advantages, such as corrosion resistance, which make them attractive for a wide variety of structural uses. In particular, the U.S. Navy is investigating the use of such composites for both ship and submarine compartment construction; load-bearing compartment walls would consist of flat (or possibly more complex) panels of composite material.