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Mass Flux in Fire Plumes.

pdf icon Mass Flux in Fire Plumes. (412 K)
Zukoski, E. E.

International Association for Fire Safety Science. Fire Safety Science. Proceedings. 4th International Symposium. July 13-17, 1994, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Intl. Assoc. for Fire Safety Science, Boston, MA, Kashiwagi, T., Editor(s), 137-147 pp, 1994.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD


fire research; fire safety; fire science; mass flux; fire plumes; entrainment; diffusion flames


A review is given of data that describe the mass flux of gas in large buoyant diffusion flames, with the aim of developing a rational picture for this process as well as a correlation of the data. A brief review of flame-height scaling parameters is followed by a discussion of measurement techniques, the previous work on far-field and fire-plume models, and a description of an effort to develop a rational entrainment model.