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Large Fires: Kuwait.

pdf icon Large Fires: Kuwait. (410 K)
Madrzykowski, D.; Evans, D. D.

NIST SP 995; Volume 2; March 2003.

U.S./Japan Government Cooperative Program on Natural Resources (UJNR). Fire Research and Safety. 12th Joint Panel Meeting. October 27-November 2, 1992, Tsukuba, Japan, Building Research Inst., Ibaraki, Japan Fire Research Inst., Tokyo, Japan, 357-364 pp, 1992.


fire safety; fire research; well fires; heat release rate; flame height; thermal radiation; radiation measurements


A series of measurements were made in the Al Mawqa/Al Ahmadi oil field region of Kuwait to explore the feasibility of assessing the heat release rate of individual well fires through flame height and thermal radiation measurements. The 12 fires measured ranged in calculated heat release rate from 90 to 2000 MW which correspond to flow rates of 240 m3 day (15000 bbl/day) to 4800 m3/day (30000 bbl/day). Based on these twelve burning well measurements, the estimated total flow from the 651 damaged wells, both burning and leaking in March, 1991, was 7,400,000 barrels/day which is only 20 percent greater than published NOAA estimates based on information from the Kuwait Oil Company.