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Large Eddy Simulation of Fire Phenomena.

pdf icon Large Eddy Simulation of Fire Phenomena. (405 K)
Baum, H. R.

U.S./Japan Government Cooperative Program on Natural Resources (UJNR). Fire Research and Safety. 12th Joint Panel Meeting. October 27-November 2, 1992, Tsukuba, Japan, Building Research Inst., Ibaraki, Japan Fire Research Inst., Tokyo, Japan, 67-74 pp, 1992.


fire safety; fire research; simulation; vapor phases; equations


An approach to the simulation of gas phase fire phenomena based on the computation of the convection and combustion processes directly from the governing equations is presented. The methodology involves the explicit calculation of the large eddy structure induced by the fire from the geometric length scales describing the fire scenario down to a few centimeters. These computations are coupled to a local scale "thermal element" model which solves the equations governing combustion and radiation processes in a local coordinate system moving with the large scale motion. The basic theory behind the methodology is outlined and sample results of computations of both large and small scale phenomena are presented.