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Heat Release Rate and Induced Wind Field in a Large Scale Fire.

pdf icon Heat Release Rate and Induced Wind Field in a Large Scale Fire. (715 K)
Ohlemiller, T. J.; Corley, D. M.

Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 97, 315-330, 1994.


Defense Nuclear Agency, Alexandria, VA


large scale fire tests; forest fires; heat release rate; wind effects


Logging slash on a 486 hectare site in Ontario was burned as part of a Forestry Canada forest management program. A 100 hectare portion of this site was instrumented by several groups interested in large scale fires. NIST utilized Forestry Canada data on mass loading before and after the fire, total burning area as a function of time and burning duration to estimate the spatial and temporal pattern of heat release during the burning of the instrumented section of the fire. The heat release rate was estimated to reach 2-4 x 10(7)kW during the time of interest. This information was utilized in the context of a flow model due to Baum and McCaffrey to calculate the near-ground flow field induced by this heat release pattern; the results compared moderately well with point measurements made in the field.