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Heat Flux From Flames to Vertical Surfaces.

pdf icon Heat Flux From Flames to Vertical Surfaces. (565 K)
Quintiere, J. G.; Cleary, T. G.

Fire Technology, Vol. 30, No. 2, 209-231, 2nd Quarter 1994.


heat flux; data analysis; heat transfer


Dimensional analysis is used to examine heat transfer from flames to vertical surfaces. Configurations include a line fire against a wall, a square burner flame against a wall and in a corner, and window flames impinging on a wall. Dimensionless parameters that affect flame heat flux include [equation] where x is vertical distance, y is horizontal distance, l is flame length, D is burner dimension, and k is the flame absorption coefficient. Only the effect of these variables is shown. No general correlation is developed, and more data are needed before these results can be applied with confidence.