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Fire-Induced Mass Flow Into a Reduced-Scale Enclosure.

pdf icon Fire-Induced Mass Flow Into a Reduced-Scale Enclosure. (194 K)
Johnsson, E. L.; Bryner, N. P.; Pitts, W. M.

NISTIR 5499; September 1994.

National Institute of Standards and Technology. Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. October 17-20, 1994, Gaithersburg, MD, 87-88 pp, 1994.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB95-104964


fire research; mass flow; enclosures; fluid dynamics


Enclosure fires are of great interest because of the resulting loss of life and property, yet the fluid dynamic and chemical behaviors of fires within enclosures are still not well understood. In recent decades, it has become clear that burning rates, fire growth and spread, production of toxic gases, and depletion of oxygen in room fires are very dependent on air supply and entrainment rates.