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Fire Data Management System, FDMS 2.0.

pdf icon Fire Data Management System, FDMS 2.0. (119 K)
Portier, R. W.

NISTIR 5499; September 1994.

National Institute of Standards and Technology. Annual Conference on Fire Research: Book of Abstracts. October 17-20, 1994, Gaithersburg, MD, 39-40 pp, 1994.

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National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB95-104964


bench scale fire tests; computer databases; export; fire research; import; large scale fire tests; numeric databases; real scale fire tests; scalar data; fire tests; vector data


A unified method of accessing data is crucial to both experimental and modeling efforts in the development of the science of fire. The FDMS concept is well founded, and very important to experimentalists acquiring data, as well as modelers and others using data related to fires and material properties. A standalone, PC version of the database, FDMS 1.0, currently exists which supports a limited number of fire test method types. This version is not portable across computer platforms and is dependent upon third-party software libraries which are no longer supported. A second generation of the database, FDMS 2.0, is in development which will remedy these problems and provide flexibility for future data needs. As an extension to FDMS 1.0, version 2.0 will play an important part in model verification. The design of FDMS 2.0 allows fire test data and model output data to be stored in the same database. Storage design provides for replicate data for standard test methods as well as compressed data for extensive real-scale tests.