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Fire and Smoke Control: An Historical Perspective.

pdf icon Fire and Smoke Control: An Historical Perspective. (470 K)
Klote, J. H.

ASHRAE Journal, Vol. 36, No. 7, 46-50, July 1994.


smoke control; heating; ventilation; air conditioning; research facilities; office buildings; education


At the 1968 ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Lake Placid, New York, the symposium 'Fire Hazards in Buildings and Air-Handling Systems' was held. This symposium marked the start of a period of ASHRAE fire-related activity that is still ongoing. The symposium was jointly chaired by Alastair Simmonds and Clint Phillips. The eight papers presented included such topics as principles of fire protection, fire problems with HVAC systems, protection of duct openings and penetrations, and smoke problems in buildings. The main focus of most of the papers was identification of fire problems that were relevant to ASHRAE. In commemoration of the ASHRAE Centennial, the following brief history of ASHRAE's activities in fire and smoke control is presented. Some events that lead up to ASHRAE's activity in this area are also discussed as background information.