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Elastomer Seal Compatibility.

pdf icon Elastomer Seal Compatibility. (1495 K)
McKenna, G. B.; Waldron, W. K., Jr.; Horkay, F.

NIST SP 861; April 1994.

Evaluation of Alternative In-Flight Fire Suppressants for Full-Scale Testing in Simulated Aircraft Engine Nacelles and Dry Bays. Section 8, Grosshandler, W. L.; Gann, R. G.; Pitts, W. M., Editor(s)(s), 729-763 pp, 1994.

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Order number: SN003-003-03268-9


halons; elastomers; compatibility; seals; thermodynamics; durability; lubricants


Excessive swelling or deterioration of the elastomer seal (o-ring and its lubricant) in the fire suppressant storage container could lead to leakage of the agent leaving the system unready to respond in case of fire. Short term exposure experiments have been conducted and data have been generated on the proclivity of the eleven fluid agents to alter the properties of various elastomers and greases. The compatibilities of the fire suppressant agents with commonly used elastomers and greases have been characterized using two types of measurements.