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Development of the Fire Data Management System.

pdf icon Development of the Fire Data Management System. (1408 K)
Mowrer, F. W.

NIST GCR 94-639; 35 p. June 1994.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB94-206091


cone calorimeters; corner tests; databases; fire safety; flame spread; furniture calorimeters; heat release; numeric databases; room tests; small scale fire tests


The Fire Data Management System (FDMS) is being developed under international collaboration to provide uniform means for storing fire test data. The purpose of the present work has been to aid the development of the FDMS for practical use by fire safety design professionals with respect to the following three tasks: (*) Recovery of existing data at BFRL/NIST for implementation into the FDMS; (*) Generation of additional data not already available; (*) Development of engineering guidelines for use of the FDMS. To be of practical use by fire safety design professionals, the FDMS must contain relevant data and these data must be readily accessible. Currently, the data fields in the FDMS are too general and too restricted to be of practical design use. Additional data fields are needed in the FDMS to assist the design professional find flammability test data relevant to the design of different combustible objects in buildings. To help identify the types of additional data fields that are needed, a series of morphological charts have been developed to describe the types, elements and attributes of combustible objects in buildings. These morphological charts represent a first effort to describe a common syntax for identifying appropriate objects and their attributes for flammability analyses. Further refinement of the morphological charts is needed.