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Corrosion of Metals.

pdf icon Corrosion of Metals. (2690 K)
Ricker, R. E.; Stoudt, M. R.; Dante, J. F.; Fink, J. L.; Beauchamp, C. R.; Moffat, T. P.

NIST SP 861; April 1994.

Evaluation of Alternative In-Flight Fire Suppressants for Full-Scale Testing in Simulated Aircraft Engine Nacelles and Dry Bays. Section 7, Grosshandler, W. L.; Gann, R. G.; Pitts, W. M., Editor(s)(s), 669-728 pp, 1994.

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Order number: SN003-003-03268-9


halons; metals; corrosion; experiments; storage; exposure; stress (mechanics); combustion products; alloys


Since a fire suppressant which is corrosive to either the materials used for storage and distribution of the agent or to aircraft materials after deployment would be undersirable, experiments were conducted to assess the relative corrosivity of the potential fire suppressants to different metallic alloys used on aircraft. These experiments were designed to evaluate the propensity of the different agents to cause failure by any of the possible corrosion failure modes during service or after deployment. In addition to these experiments, experiments were conducted to develop an electrochemical technique that would rapidly, and less expensively, evaluate the corrosivity of an agent and the influence of changes in composition, temperature and contaminant levels on the corrosivity of an agent.