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Elements of a Framework for Fire Safety Engineering.

pdf icon Elements of a Framework for Fire Safety Engineering. (686 K)
Snell, J. E.

Interscience Communications Ltd.; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Building Research Establishment; and Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Interflam 1993. (Interflam '93). Fire Safety. International Fire Conference, 6th. March 30-April 1, 1993, Oxford, England, Interscience Communications Ltd., London, England, Franks, C. A., Editor(s), 447-456 pp, 1993.


fire safety; fire science; safety engineering; decision making; life safety


This paper lays out a framework for fire safety engineering based on scientific tools for fire safety design and decision-making. These tools include computer-based models for fire safety hazard and risk prediction, measurement methods to provide data for such methods, databases and expert systems to provide access to them, and the ultimate integration of these tools with other elements of computer-aided design, construction and conformity assessment. The paper suggests needs, roles and actions required to bring fire safety engineering to the level of sophistication enjoyed in most other areas of engineering practice. The need for international cooperation and public-private collaboration is stressed.