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Fire Hazard Model Developments and Research Efforts at NIST.

pdf icon Fire Hazard Model Developments and Research Efforts at NIST. (585 K)
Fowell, A. J.

Fire Retardant Chemicals Association. International Conference on Fire Safety. Spring Conference, 1993. March 21-24, 1993, New Orleans, LA, Fire Retardant Chemicals Assoc., Lancaster, PA, 205-212 pp, 1993.


fire safety; research facilities; fire research; fire hazards; validation; databases


Historically, fire safety decisions on the suitability of materials for specific applications have been based on the use of standard fire tests, each designed to represent a single fire scenario. These standard fire tests are generally used as pass/fail tests, thereby providing very little information about the performance of the material in a scenario different from that represented by the test. To assess the real fire safety benefits or fire hazards of different materials requires prediction of material performance under different fire scenarios. Versatile predictive fire models in combination with data from new bench scale material flammability measurement methods will someday meet the need.