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One- and Two-Sided Burning of Thermally Thin Materials.

pdf icon One- and Two-Sided Burning of Thermally Thin Materials. (1278 K)
Ohlemiller, T. J.; Shields, J. R.

Fire and Materials, Vol. 17, 103-110, 1993.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH


heat release rate; experiments; combustion; flammability; composite materials


The rate of heat release from a thermally thin material burning on both sides will be more than twice the value seen when only one side is burning. Two simplified models demonstrate that this is a consequence of the Arrhenius temperature deptndence of the gasification rate of the solid. Experiments carried out on three composite materials over a range of incident heat fluxes confirm this effect. It is inferred that a further consequence of this heat release enhancement is an increased tendency for concurrent flame spread in the two-sided burning case. Materials whose application could lead to two-sided burning should thus be assessed in this mode to obtain a true picture of their flammability potential.