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Locating Fire Engineering Information.

pdf icon Locating Fire Engineering Information. (506 K)
Jason, N. H.

SFPE Bulletin, 5-8, September/October 1993.


information retrieval; fire research; fire protection engineering; fire science; databases; information storage


Have you spent a lot of time trying to answer questions similar to these: Where are there a few good journal articles on wooden trusses? Who wrote the book Fire? When was the Third International Conference on Fire Safety Science held? Is there a published bibliography covering the cone calorimeter? Who has written the most recent article on fire and death statistics in the United States? Where is John Bryan located? These questions could be answered by calling or faxing a minimum of one colleague, by contacting your company, university or public librarian, or by plowing through your personal files. Of course, there is another way which is quicker. If you have a computer and a modem available, you can search a wealth of information from your desk.